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Crypto Investors Turning to Kratom for Anxiety Relief

Bitcoin has been hovering in the $9,000–$10,000 range during the month of June. Although this appears relatively stable, the variance between the high and low is enough to make crypto traders feel anxious. Many people expected prices to go up when Bitcoin broke $10,210 on June 1st and after the Bitcoin halvening. However, that didn’t happen, and traders were FOMO’ing in and out of Bitcoin whenever the price moved in a direction to suggest a major price change. This practice often results in losses, and not gains. Consequently, crypto traders experienced anxiety, and some have reported using kratom and other natural remedies to alleviate their stress.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is derived from the leaves of trees in Southeast Asia. The plant is in the coffee family, and it’s available in many varieties. It’s in the coffee family, and the FDA has issued warnings about its use, despite the fact that it is far less dangerous than its chemical alternatives. You can find kratom powder or crushed leaves in different strains categorized by vein color. The leaves have veins that are generally either red, green, yellow, or white. Strains are also often named according to countries and regions from which it is derived, and they have varied effects. Some strains of kratom act as stimulants, while others are said to relax you. Sometimes, a small dose will have the opposite effect of a large dose, according to its users.

Many people have reported that red Indo kratom will produce the best anti-anxiety effects. Other people report that strains like red Malay kratom have positive effects for anxiety. Often this is a personal choice that requires a bit of experimentation. Furthermore, different brands of kratom will label plant sources inconsistently. In other red Malay kratom may be completely different if you get it from a company like Grown Selection, versus Kratora.

Is Kratom Dangerous?

Any substance that is abused can be dangerous, whether it’s cocaine or sugar. Kratom is no different. You should consult with a doctor before beginning a kratom regimen, but there are websites that can provide more information. is a good place to start, if you’re thinking of using kratom to ease your anxiety.

Should Bitcoin Traders Use Kratom?

You will need to make your own decisions about what you put in your body. Often, a healthy diet and exercise regimen is a great first step towards lower anxiety levels. Start there, and then if you still find that you’re anxious, then maybe kratom is a choice for you to consider.

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